There’s nothing like an expensive degree in Cinema Studies that can make you question whether or not you’re as much as a fan of movies as you present itself to be. Like everybody else, there are certain lacunas in my knowledge of movies and TV. Some are more understandable, while some are much more glaring and likely to evoke the half-bewildered, half-delighted response, “How come you’ve never seen ______?!” And then there are ones that are just downright compromising, confessions like I’ve never actually finished a Paul Thomas Anderson movie (I got through ten minutes of There Will Be Blood and perhaps half of Punch-Drunk Love).

Full Disclosure is my attempt at closing some of the gaps. It’s meant to drive me to see the movies that have been on my ever-expanding list for so long that it feels more like a chore than a pleasure to see these movies (although trust me, some still feel like a chore). It is mixed with a hodgepodge of my reviews and opinions on more recent movies and shows and random thoughts about film and TV in general. Full Disclosure also gives me the opportunity to confess just how ignorant I can be, which for some inexplicable reason, just gives me a great thrill.